In any sort of business or enterprise, the significance of effective communication can not be underestimated and it’s correct to assume that it Business Textingcontributes directly to the prosperity of the business. Without proper communication within a business, co-ordination of activities becomes impossible and so slows or hinders the smooth operation.

    The emergence of the internet has quickly wiped the traditional postal mails which for decades were the most preferred mode of communication. The world wide web offers a provision for emails and these have quickly rose to become almost the de facto mode of communication nowadays by every other business; but emails may also be slow and as such, many organisations now use an even more efficient method of sending messages across their organization termed Business Texting.

    Among the factors which have rendered Business Texting quite popular lately is the fact that almost every person carries a mobile gadget and unlike computers, phones are generally portable thus making it simpler to deliver a message instantly as numerous people carry their devices everywhere they go. Thus, if you are the boss and also you need to summon your team for a meeting it can make the task easier and very effective.

    A few days ago, a customer called in complaining that he sent an sms that was not delivered and yet his account was charged more than the normal sms charge.

    After investigating this we discovered that he sent out his sms with the 'MTN N' Sender ID.

    Now here's what happens when you send your sms with this type of Sender ID:

    1. MTN blocks messages like this from third party gateways like ours and will not deliver it.
    2. We have configured our systems to heavily bill Sender IDs of this kind (as a deterrent to spammers and scammers) so we don't get blacklisted by the network operators as a Spam network.


    What To Do When You Receive A Scam SMS


    There is the saying, 'Timing is everything'. There are two important aspects of timing that you should pay attention to if you really want your SMS campaign to be successful.

    First, open-ended messages are less successful than messages that have deals that expire. For instance, a text message like

    Wow!! Check out our designers men's outfit such as Turkey Shirts, Stock Jeans & Polo, Italian Shoes etc @ Shop 123 Alaba Market. For inquiries, call 08181610450

    is less likely to get better response than

    Get 50% Off all purchases TODAY on any of our products (Jeans & Polo, Turkey Shirts, Italian Shoes etc) @ Shop 123 Alaba Market. For inquiries, call 08181610450.

    Create the text of your SMS to portray that the deal “expires soon” or something similar.


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    What Is DND?

    DND is simply Do Not Disturb. Since July 1st 2016, NCC gave the network operators a directive to activate an option whereby every phone user can opt in to stop receiving third party messages bulk sms and messages sent from shortcode numbers.

    You can learn more about the NCC DND directive here.


    If your number is on DND, use the information below to unsubscribe.

    For MTN
    Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text ALLOW to 2442.

    For AIRTEL
    Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text OUT to 2442.

    For GLO
    Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text CANCEL to 2442.

    Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text START to 2442

    After unsubscribing, login to your SmsSenda account and send a test sms to the affected number to confirm you can now receive bulk sms messages. If you still can't receive bulk sms after unsubscribing, you will have to speak with your network operator's customer service.

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    If you are preparing for your wedding event or faced with a situation where you need to send sms to some or all of the contacts on your phone, this tutorial will put you through.

    1. Download our mobile app here - (it's currently for Androids; other OS will soon be made available)

    2. Login into your account or Register if you don't already have an account on SmsSenda.

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    Everyone loves working fact, this is one of the reasons behind the invention of computers and the internet.

    Today, I will be showing you one process you need to handle once and save lots of time subsequently. If you will be sending your sms to lots of numbers, I suggest you read this through to the end; if this won't be the case, you can as well just stop reading at this point.


    Every account on SmsSenda has an unlimited phonebook space where you can store the phone numbers you will frequently send sms to.

    To save your contacts into a phonebook group, do this:

    1. Log into your SmsSenda account Click on the Phonebook menu
    2. Click on the "Add Multiple" tab.
    3. Type your phone numbers in the "Enter Phone Number(s)" box
    4. Type a group name you will use to identify these list of phone numbers in the "Enter Group Name" box.
    5. Click on the "Add Record" button

     - Q. E. D

    Once you have done this, you can easily select the group you want to send sms to from the Compose SMS page. Doing this will save you a whole lot of time as you won't have to always type these numbers anytime you want to send them a message.


    If you have any questions regarding this or any other issue, do leave a post in the comment box below.

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    I know you signed up for our service so you can reach more people quickly with the (probably) limited resources you have. It is in regards to this purpose that we keep creating plans to help you achieve this goal.

    You may have seen the SMS2.0 plan but haven't tried it out yet probably because you have already gotten used to or feel comfortable with SMS1.0. here's what you need to know about SMS2.0

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