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    Mobile Ads

    Mobile Marketing

    Marketers and business people understand that any form of advertising that has more reach will have more impact. The mobile phone is the most owned object in the world and is usually within less than 1 feet proximity to its owner. Imagine taking advantage of this medium  to create awareness or advertise your products and services.


    How It Works

    Our Mobile Ads service is quite simple. With our vast and increasing database of active mobile users around Nigeria, we can get your message to any location in the country in one click.

    a. You choose the location you want to reach

    b. You choose how many people you want to reach in your choice location

    c. You purchase the numbers and store them in your phonebook group

    d. Send your message to them at any time

    ...and that's it!

    We are honored to say that we have successfully managed the mobile campaign of many big organizations, political parties, NGOs and religious bodies using our Mobile Ads service; amazingly, we don't charge an arm and a leg to offer this service.


    How Much Will It Cost Me To Purchase The Phone Numbers?

    Depending on the size you are buying per time, you can purchase the numbers for as low as N0.10/number.


    How Do I Get Started?

    Contact us and provide us with these details:

    a. The location/state you want to reach

    b. How many mobile numbers you want to reach in that location

    c. You can also inform us in how many batches you want these numbers broken down into. For instance, if you want to reach 500,000 people, you can instruct us to break down these numbers into groups of 100,000 numbers  for you.

    We will process your request, bill your sms account and store these numbers for you in your Phonebook Group from where you can now send your sms to these contacts.


    How Do I Confirm That These Numbers Are Genuine?

    To confirm that we have active phone numbers in the location of your choice, Register and place your request in our Support Group; we shall send you some samples of the phone numbers in that location for you to confirm.

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