Account Name: iValue Media | GTB - 0041863278 | Zenith Bank - 1012832829 | First Bank - 2017135504 Call/Whatsapp: 08181610450 BBM: 7A33FEC0

You can make payments online with your ATM OR via bank transfer OR offline at the bank with the details below: Click Here to get other available payment options.
Bank NameAccount NameAccount Number
GT Bank iValue Media 0041863278
Zenith Bank iValue Media 1012832829
First Bank iValue Media 2017135504

Please note: To avoid delay in crediting your account with units, while making payments at the bank, use your SmsSenda username as the name of the depositor.


Service Features

FeaturesSMS 1.0SMS 2.0
Customer Pricing Average price of N2.50 Average price of N1.50
Reseller Pricing Flat price of N1.35 Flat price of N1.25
Delivery Reports No Yes
Account Expiry No Yes, it is valid ranging from 1 - 27days; depending on how much you recharge per time

Please note:

  1. The prices here are manually updated and are subject to change at any time. As a  precaution, first send out a test sms to the network of your choice, before sending to the rest of your list.
  2. Recharge Bonuses on SMS1.0 start from payments of N10,000 upwards.
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